50 Top Profitable Niche Blog Ideas 2020 – Blog Niche Ideas That Make Quick Money

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Are you a new blogger and desire niche blog ideas 2020? Do you want to start a new blog with interesting niche blog ideas?  Then, you are reading the right content that will reveal interesting niche blogging ideas for your blogging career.


Before You Create Your Blog

The first step you must take before you create your blog is to carry out an in-depth niche blog ideas research.


This can be done using some blogging tools such as niche finders and blog topic generators. Then, you can go ahead to use both free and paid free keyword analysis tools to increase your blog visibility.


Blog visibility in search engines will increase traffic to your blog thereby increasing your money-making strategies.


Interestingly, not all niche blog ideas are profitable. Therefore, the reason behind this article is borne out of my desire to assist you to succeed in your blogging career.


These profitable niche blog ideas that I revealed in this article will increase your blog visibility. With quality blog traffic and visibility, making quick money with your blog is assured.


The List of 50 niche blog ideas

Here is a list of 50 niche blog ideas that will make quick money for you. This niche blog ideas are proven to make money and popular to command massive traffic to your blog.


  1. Health and Fitness Niche Blog

The health and fitness niche blog ideas remain an ever trending niche each day with web visitors searching for remedies to various health challenges.


It is necessary to select a sub-niche category in the health and fitness niche blog ideas category with a huge target audience but less competition.


  1. Fashion Niche Blog

There are lots of opportunities in the fashion niche. Today, we are all conscious of the way we dress and the clothes we wear.


Integrating these profitable niche blog ideas to social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube, you are set to make your first hundreds of dollars.


  1. Cooking Tips Niche Blog

The cooking tips niche blog ideas are among the most profitable niche. Interestingly, web visitors including me are very curious about cooking tips on both local and foreign delicacies.


With quality blog traffic, you can monetize your blog to generate quick money online.


  1. Make Money Online Niche Blog

There are several proven known strategies that I deploy in the make money online niche blog ideas to drive massive traffic to my blog.


You agree with me that it is everyone’s desire to make money online.


Therefore, writing a quality blog post in this profitable niche increases your chances of making money online if you monetize your blog.


  1. Tech Niche Blog

This is one of the most trending niche blog ideas to write on. The tech world is ever-evolving daily with mind-boggling technologies. Bloggers in the tech domain can publish tech news, gadget reviews, smartphones and gadgets (Samsung, iPhone, LG, Techno, Infinix, etc.), Computers, Laptops, Android Devices, Smart Devices and Internet of Things.


Write on emerging techs for the millennials as this information attracts huge audience.


  1. Food Niche Blog

It is an ever trending niche topic as people will continue to visit the web for recipes. Most sub-niche blog topics in the food niche are capable of generating massive traffic to your blog content.

Do a proper search for keywords that work best for your blog and write content accordingly.


  1. Entertainment Niche Blog

It is a trending niche blog idea at all time. Publishing quality content can increase your blog visibility.


You make quick money online when you monetize your blog using different money making strategies.


  1. Career Development Niche Blog

Career niche blog ideas are profitable niche to create your blog content on. I assure that it is capable of generating huge traffic to your blog.


With display ads and sponsored content, you can effectively monetize your blog.


  1. Business Niche Blog

It is the desire of most web visitors to search for an alternative way of doing business. They are anxious of trending business technology that can drive their business.


It is an important niche blog topic that can yield tremendous traffic to your blog and earn you money online.


  1. Education Niche Blog

An education blog can serve as a driving platform for publishing academics-related information to people seeking for information to enhance their children’s education.


Students are in continuous search for information about institutions, scholarships, and study-materials that can help them improve their performance.


These profitable niche blog ideas can generate lots of traffic and utilizing adequate money-making strategies can guarantee quick income online.


  1. Freelancing Niche Blog

Freelancing is an emerging online job model that will change the future of the job industry.


You make money online in this niche blogging if you effectively monetize your blog.


  1. Personal Development Niche Blog

Personal development niche blog ideas are categorized as one of the most profitable niche recently.


With adequate monetization strategies, you set to make quick money online.


  1. Foreign Language Learning Niche Blog

This niche blog idea can generate huge traffic. Traffic generated can assist you make money blogging with an adequate monetization strategy.


For instance, nice blog topics on Chinese and French languages are top profitable niche blog ideas.


  1. Social Media Niche Blogs

It is the most trending niche blog ideas at the moment which is capable of driving huge traffic to your blog.


With popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter, you are set to make huge income online by deploying the right money-making strategy.


  1. Weight Loss and Management Niche Blog

People are becoming more and more aware of several health risks that are associated with obesity.


This is the reason behind the tremendous awareness wellness and weight loss industry as people are in continuous need of information in this profitable niche.


Niche topics on dieting tips, daily routine for weight loss, recipes for weight loss meal and exercising are hot topics that can drive massive traffic to your blog.


  1. Affiliate Marketing Niche Blog

Affiliate marketing niche blog ideas are profitable niche for any blogger at all time. With quality content in this niche, you drive massive traffic to your blog.


Then, monetize your blog through affiliate marketing ads, eBooks on affiliate marketing, etc.


  1. Travel Niche Blog

I enjoy travelling a lot. So, I desire writing blog content in this niche. This blogging niche can generate massive traffic to your blog content.


You can monetize your blog and make money online through sales of eBook, affiliate marketing, adsense, etc.


  1. Ecommerce Marketing Niche Blog

There are lots of marketing strategies online that bloggers can write content on. Web visitors access web continually in search of ecommerce marketing strategies for their site.


You can leverage on the huge traffic in this niche to make money online.


  1. Lifestyle Niche Blog

Blogging on lifestyle entails writing quality and authentic content about your everyday life, activities, interests and personal opinions. They are great niche blog ideas because people like to read about other people.


You can make money blogging in this nice by displaying of ads, sponsored content, adsense or affiliate marketing.


  1. Parenting Niche Blog

Parenting is among the most profitable niche blog ideas today as the will always be parents around, and any parenting tips are appreciated.


With appropriate money making strategies, you make lots of quick money online.


  1. Home Decor Niche Blog

Home decors today are among the trending niche blog ideas capable of harvesting massive traffic for your blog. People are getting more anxious about decorating their homes.


If you are knowledgeable in home decor, you can start your own home decor niche blog.


  1. Sports Niche Blog

Sports blogs are trending niche blog ideas that attract lots of visitors. However, there are several of such blogs on web today.


People, all over the globe, are generally into one sport or another. Therefore, creating a sports blog is a great idea.


With great readership and traffic, you can monetize the blog through sports ads, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing and sales of sporting products.


  1. Vegan Diet Niche Blog

Veganism is among the most trending topic which you need to try on for your new blog. The good thing is that there is less competition in this blog niche.


With adequate make money online strategy, you make quick income from your blog. You may decide to sell eBooks and affiliate marketing for vegan products.


  1. Photography Niche Blog

The photography niche is gradually becoming the most trending niche in the industry today. It is a perfect niche for a newbie blogger.


There is a huge market in the photography industry with massive demands for photos through stock photography making it an interesting niche blog idea.


With the proliferation of mobile smartphones, it makes the job easier for bloggers in this profitable niche.


  1. WordPress Niche Blog

WordPress is the most popular and trending content management system as many bloggers deploy it as a platform for their blogging career.


With this development, bloggers are in continuous search for solutions and innovation in WordPress technology. Therefore, there are several profitable niche blog ideas in the WordPress niche.


  1. Online Courses Niche Blog

Online courses are gradually replacing the traditional ways of learning with many web visitors embracing online learning course platforms.


You can create blog to serve as a platform for publishing content advising people on the best online course to enroll for in any of the learning platforms such as udemy, coursera, skillshare, etc.


So, publishing content in this profitable niche can generate lots of traffic to your blog. Adequate monetization strategy will definitely generate huge income.


  1. Job Search and Recruitment Niche Blog

Niche blog ideas in this domain are always engaging and generate huge traffic as several people are looking for jobs. Lots of people access the web in search of jobs and possible recruitment.


Therefore, a job blog is capable of generating decent income if you implement some of the money making strategies.


  1. Fertility Niche Blog

Thousands of people are battling with fertility and sexual related problems in the society today.


Blog content with remedies in the fertility and health industry commands tremendous traffic. Selling fertility products and affiliate marketing is a great way to monetize the blog.


  1. Self Defense Niche Blog

Web visitors will at all time seek information concerning self-defense. Therefore publishing quality content in this niche can drive massive traffic to your blog.


You can monetize the blog by selling eBooks on self-defense and displaying ads on your blog.


  1. Politics Niche Blog

Politics are popular niche blog ideas during every election period.


This blogging niche can draw lots of traffic during national and local elections as web visitors are always in continuous search for election information.


  1. How-to Niche Blogs

People generally dislike reading instruction manuals. They leverage on the “How-to” information on web to carry out any given task.


Writing content in this niche can drive lots of traffic to your blog.


  1. News Niche Blog

There are lots of news blog already in existence. However, I assure you that these are great niche blog ideas that command massive traffic anytime. Publishing current and trending news can drive massive traffic to your blog.


The next thing to do is to monetize your blog using any of the blog money making technique as contained in this blog post.


  1. Virtual Reality Niche Blog

Virtual Reality is a vast growing industry in the computer niche that’s only going to continue getting larger in the future. This niche is barely known by bloggers but commands huge web traffic.


You can make money online by selling virtual reality products and engaging in affiliate marketing.


  1. Amazon Kindle Niche Blog

Amazon is the biggest ecommerce platform in the world today. So, web visitors access Amazon daily for varieties of products.


There is huge traffic in this niche as web visitors access this Amazon platform daily seeking for information. This heavy traffic can be converted to money by deploying appropriate money making strategies online.


  1. Celebrity Gossips Niche Blog

Gossip about celebrities is one of the greatest niche blog ideas that can generate viral traffic to your blog. You can write about their upcoming shows, relationships, and scandals about celebrities.


You can get huge traffic from google and social media platforms. Then, you can monetize your blog.


  1. Stress Management Niche Blog

Excellent niche blog ideas are common in the stress management niche as people are in continuous search for stress management tips.


You can monetize your blog content through the sales of eBook, sponsored content and the display ads.


  1. Relationship Niche Blog

Web visitors are always anxious to read stories about people’s relationships, challenges and success stories. So, creating blog content with these niche blog ideas can drive quality traffic to your blog.


I guarantee you decent blog income if your contents are focused on these niche blog ideas.


  1. Gaming Niche Blog

The potential and profitability of these sub-niche blog ideas within this category is huge.


Interestingly, there is a huge market in the gaming industry with quality content posted on the blog capable of generating huge traffic.


With gaming app reviews, affiliate marketing, sponsored ads, and adsense, you can make lots of money.


  1. Finance and Investment Niche Blog

Writing blogs that are focused on finance and investment can drive huge traffic to your blogs.


Web visitors are always in continuous search for investment portfolios, personal finance tips, insurance advice, credit card processing and financial advice for daily events and activities.


  1. Pet Niche Blog

Everyone likes pets and these niche blog ideas command tremendous readership at all time.


Therefore, sub-blog topic such as pet foods and management can generate huge traffic to your blog.


There are several online money making strategies that can be deployed in this blogging niche to make money.


  1. Product Review Niche Blog

Reading product reviews are becoming is becoming a routine for buyers of products and services online.


Therefore, writing blog contents based on product reviews can increase your blog visibility.  With an increase in website visitors, making money online is assured.


  1. Sewing Niche Blog

Sewing and knitting is one of the most popular niche blog ideas with the capability of generating huge traffic. With a popular social media platform such as Pinterest, you can drive massive visitors to your blog and make quick money.


I’m not surprised at all that craft bloggers make lots of money.


  1. Makeup and beauty Niche Blog

Makeup and beauty niche blog is a platform that any woman would want to visit any day.


Writing quality content in this niche will definitely generate huge traffic to the blog. Then, convert this traffic to money by displaying ads or selling eBooks.


  1. Video Editing Blog

Video editing is one of the trending freelancing skills online today. This niche commands massive traffic.


Writing great content in this blog niche such as video editing software and video editing skills can as well command huge traffic.


With this amount of traffic, you can sell eBooks on video editing, affiliate program or sell of training video courseware.


  1. Archery Niche Blog

Archery is an interesting hobby. I’m surprised how little information is available online about archery.  The competition is low in this profitable niche and it won’t take your blog a long time to achieve visibility in search engines.


Increase visibility will drive huge traffic to your blog. You can convert this traffic to money if you deploy an effective online money making strategy.


  1. SEO Niche Blog

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the technology that website owners deploy to increase their website visibility. It makes their content to rank on search engine results.


Publishing great content in this blog niche can generate lots of traffic to your blog post.


You make money online when you monetize your blog content with money making strategies.


  1. Web Hosting Niche Blog

Web hosting niche blog ideas is one of the most profitable niches in the industry today.


With the appropriate money making strategy, you can make quick money.


  1. Software Development Niche Blog

The software development industries are considered as an excellent niche blog ideas today.


Developing and publishing great content in this niche can drive traffic to your blog.


  1. Wedding Niche Blog

Wedding is a great niche blog idea that can drive quality traffic to your blog when you write great blog content.


Niche blog ideas such as wedding dress, event planners, and wedding decors are great topics for your blog.


  1. Do it yourself (DIY) Niche Blog

They are ever-evolving niche blog ideas as people will always have their different approaches in the “Do it yourself” blogging niche.


Monetize your blog with the sale of DIY eBooks, videos, information and affiliate marketing.



The 50 profitable niche blog ideas, sub-blog topics, money making strategies and techniques as contained in this blog post can make you a successful blogger and assist you make quick money online.


Be focused on writing and publishing of quality content, then work hard to promote it your blog platform for increased visitors.


The more blog visitors you have, the more money you generate by deploying an appropriate money making strategy.


If you have questions or comments, let me know in the comment section.  Also, let me know which niche blog ideas not contained in the list.


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