12 Confirmed Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Blog: Quality Free Traffic

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Are you a newbie blogger? Do you have challenges on how to drive traffic to your blog? Do you know that the success of your blogging career and the ability of your blog to generate decent income are wholly dependent on the quality of traffic to your blog? Therefore, this article is written to inform you of several ways a blogger can deploy to generate and to drive traffic to your blog.


There is no doubt that one of the major thing in your to-do list immediately your blog is online is to drive traffic to the blog.


Indeed, to drive traffic to your blog can be a daunting task for any newbie blogger. However, if you are setting up a new blog to make money online, and blogging is the method by which you are attempting to achieve that objective, you will require a decent amount of traffic to your blog.


It’s a verifiable truth that the more TRAFFIC you drive to your blog, the more opportunity for you to make money online.


Today, as solution bloggers, we deploy several techniques to ensure that we drive quality traffic to our blog which in turn yields tremendous results with increase in conversion.


However, there two approaches to driving traffic to your blog – paid and the free traffic generation.


As solution bloggers, this blog post is focused on how to make money online by driving quality free traffic to your blog.


How do bloggers generate free targeted traffic to their blog?

As solution bloggers, the truth is that for you to succeed in blogging career and make money online, you must learn the skills of driving targeted traffic to your blog.


Therefore, the approaches as contained herein can assist you generate targeted traffic to your blog.


  1. Write Quality Blog Content

It is true in the popular saying that “content is the king” as you progress in your blogging career. Therefore, if you desire to drive quality traffic to your blog and make money online, your blog content should be engaging and problem-solving.


The truth is that people keep coming back to your blog if the quality of the content is unique, engaging and informative.


What you write as the content of your blog must provide value for your intended readers as they may apply it as well on their own blog.


Furthermore, your blog posts should contain questions or a call to action statement which may compel your blog visitors into engaging the content of the blog by interacting with content at the comment segment of your posts.


If you are having problems writing good and quality content, you can engage the services of a freelancer on micro job websites such as Fiverr, iWtiter, Writerlance, Gigbucks, Guru, Freelancer, and Upwork.


Just visit any of the listed, micro job websites to engage the services of a professional writer for a little fee.


  1. Write and Publish Articles on Article Directories

Writing and publishing quality, unique articles on article directories is a huge technique that solution bloggers utilize in generating great traffic to their blog.


These articles when written and submitted to article directories tend to expose your blog address or links to web visitors which in turn drives professionals in the domain you are blogging on to your platform.


The most popular article directories are as follows: Ezinearticles, Goarticles, Articlebase, Articlesnatch, and Buzzle.


These sites contain a buffet of articles composed of a large number of various kinds of subjects. Actually, these article databases are sought by thousands, if not, a huge number of guests every day.


Interestingly, it is the duty of solution bloggers to ensure that the article written is unique and educative.


You may entirely write a different and unique article for submission to the article directories or rewrite an already published article.


It is important to know that most search engines especially Google deploy one of the most sophisticated algorithm to track and identify plagiarized content.


The articles when written must have the capacity of adding value to intended readers and should serve as the desired solution to their problems. If they benefit from the content of your blog, then they will continue to visit your blog to read your content.


  1. Content Syndication

It is a free technique used by bloggers in driving web visitors to their published content by republishing their blogpost, article, link or video into third-party websites so as to reach a broader audience.


It is a strategy of redistributing the relevant content of a transmitting blog into third-party websites thereby attracting increased content visibility.


Syndication of content is closely related to guest blogging. The main intention behind the technology is to make your creation available to third-party websites that are full of relevant readers so that they can also see your content and follow you to your blog.


In this concept, the transmitting blog gets good exposure, which in turn results in more backlinks and traffic with an increase in targeted audience.


  1. Write, utilize and publish SEO based articles on your blog.

I guess you may be wondering why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important in traffic generation. But truly your content must be SEO optimized to drive traffic to your blog platform.


The idea behind SEO is to tailor your blog post to search engines because most traffic can be generated from the search engines.


This is achieved by writing blog post or articles with good keyword density so that search engine can identify the niche or domain of your blog.


Interestingly, many web visitors regularly search the search engines and leveraging the traffic from there can be very beneficial to the success of your blogging career.


Search engines make usage of sophisticated algorithms and bots to index your site and do not have human reasoning to determine the rank of your site.


Do a proper and in-depth keyword research and make usage of the keywords in the titles of your posts, and intersperse the main keyword over the entire article.


Additionally, you can use the article headline analyzer Coschedule which a free tool online to check the Headline Score. This tool with the Score can give you useful tips regarding the headline.


For keyword research, you can use Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, Wordtracker, Answer the Public, Google Correlate, Google Console, Keywords Everywhere, Google Trend, Soolve, Wordstream Free Keyword Planner, semrush and Ahref.


  1. Video Marketing

It’s a great strategy utilized by successful bloggers for multiple purposes: blog visibility, marketing, traffic, and branding.


This multipurpose strategy is accomplished by shooting a video and submitting it to various video-sharing websites: Youtube, Metacafe, Vimeo, Daily Motion and many more others.


  1. Blog Comments

Traffic to your blog content can be greatly enhanced when you leave useful comments and a link to your blog on other blog platforms, especially in your niche.


As solution bloggers who desire to make money online, it is expected that you comment on other blogs and be active in various communities.


  1. Use Quora Web Platform

It’s an awesome platform to answer questions and create a genuine following. I use this great platform daily to increase visibility and exposure to several millions of active and targeted visitors by adding links to your blog entries and articles as resources in my answers to the threading questions.


As a professional in the niche, answering the questions won’t take your time. You need to follow every single related subject matter as well as active participation and quality contribution to questions will in turn generate corresponding traffic to your blog.


You can likewise participate in applicable discussions and instruct your prospects better about your products and services.


  1. Guest Blogging

Search and locate other blogs especially in your niche that reach your target population, and offer to contribute blog posts as a guest blogger.


Therefore, guest blogging encourages writing and publishing of relevant blog posts in other blogs relating to your niche. This gives your blog the desired visibility when their audience through a link on your blog post posted on their blog platform visits and engages your content.


This concept assist in building relationship with other bloggers who may have a substantial audience and readers who will in turn want to engage with more of your content.


  1. Promote with social media.

Social media marketing is huge method you can deploy to generate and to drive traffic to your blog.


You can do it by sharing each new blog post across your social media networks, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.


As your friends or followers share, like, or comment on these posts, the more search engine will recognize your content with backlinks to your blog. These backlinks increases your authority.


If you spend quality time building your networks and sharing relevant and engaging content, social media sites can become your greatest sources of traffic.


  1. Incorporate Social Media Sharing Button

Social media buttons when incorporated into your blog is the easiest way to encourage blog visitors into sharing your blog posts across multiple social media platforms.


Make it easy for your targeted audience to spread the content of blog across social media platforms.


  1. Build Interlinks and Backlinks

Don’t doubt me, interlink and backlinks when incorporated in blog posts are the greatest SEO ranking factor by Google.


The major idea behind interlinking your blog posts is to enable search engines to easily crawl and index all of your pages, as well as understand the structure of your blog thereby increasing your site ranking.


Internal links from a blog post to another makes it easier for your readers to navigate through your blog and find more content.


This is also applicable to backlinking as both strategies get you more traffic and better rankings in the search engines.


  1. Forums

Forums are internet-based concepts deployed for sharing of ideas among people of the same interest. To draw traffic to your blog, you can visit various forums relating to your domain and leave a useful comment with a link back to your blog.



I will sincerely advise you to read and apply as many as of these strategies as possible towards driving traffic to your blog because some work where others fail. In most cases all the strategies will work, thus driving massive traffic to your blog.


These are the 12 confirmed strategies that you can deploy to drive traffic to your blog for free! Stay consistent with these techniques and you will see impressive results!


If you found this blog post helpful for driving quality and additional traffic to your blog, do share it with fellow bloggers to also help them get additional free traffic to their blogs!


If there are other free strategies to massively drive traffic to your blog, kindly leave a comment below. I’ll also be glad to respond to your questions if any.


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