How to Drive Social Media Traffic to your Blog for increased visibility

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Do you own a blog and you are confused on how to drive social media traffic to your blog? This article is set to reveal social media network traffic strategies that you can deploy to command huge organic traffic to your blog.

[1] Create your company/individual page on social media sites like Google+ Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Linkedin etc

[2] Post regular unique high-quality content on social sites. These regular unique update is the best strategy on how to drive social media traffic to your blog.

[3] Hashtag your posts

[4] Update your posts regularly to drive traffic and reach your targeted audiences

[5] Post your content on your social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, Bizsugar etc as it is a way for users to stock, manage, search, and operate “bookmarks” of website pages

[6] Adding images & videos into your content will definitely engage more visitors to your blog content.

[7] Create your own blog with unique content & keep it updated

[8] Update and repost your old blog posts. Thereafter, share this updated blog post on social networking sites

[9] Comment on other website blog posts in your chosen niche

[10] How to drive social media traffic to your blog can also be increase through guest posting on authority blogs in your niche.

[11] Cultivate the attitude of continuous posting on forums in your blog niche.

[12] Deploying infographic sharing & submissions is a also a great strategy on how to drive social media traffic to your blog

[13] Engaging visitors with Webinars, podcasts Trials, contests, Offers & discounts on social sites.

[14] Reviews & Testimonials are great blog activities that can greatly enhance your blog visibility by driving organic traffic to your content.

[15] PR Article Submissions

All in all, this article reveals strategies on how to drive social media traffic to your blog so as to increase your content visibility.

These strategies may not be exhaustive. Feel free to contribute at the comment section.


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