How to make money blogging in 2019

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Do you want to build a successful career as a blogger in Nigeria? Do you desire to make money blogging in 2019 and quit your current paid job? If your answer is yes, this article is for you. I am about to expose to you the steps that you need to take off in your blogging career and start smiling to bank.

Can you make money blogging in 2019? Yes, you can build an amazing career blogging in 2019 and make lots of money. The beauty of blogging career is that you can work at anytime, at any location with Internet connection and a computing device.

I assure you that if you are dedicated in 2019 and decide to put into practice these ideas am about to reveal in this article, you are set to quit your current paid job.

What is blogging? Many people seem confused whenever the topic blogging is being discussed.  Simply explained, blogging is an action carried out by a blogger towards maintaining or writing a blog.


What is a Blog?

A blog initially known as “weblog” can be described as a channel where bloggers share their thoughts. Think of it as an open journal, diary, or book where you can share personal thoughts, quick updates, or even educate others on what you learned in any area of interest.

Simply defined, a blog is a class of website that focuses mainly on written content, also known as blog posts. Blogs are designed to feature diary-type commentary and hyperlinks to published articles on other websites, mostly posted as a list of entries in reverse chronological order.

As a blogger, you can make money blogging in 2019 by focusing on a wide range of topics from personal to political, and can focus on one narrow subject or a whole range of subjects – thereafter monetize the blog.


What is a Blog Post?

Blog posts are entries posted by a blogger such as articles or new events, information, sharing the most up-to-date news, opinions and case studies.


How to choose a profitable niche

The first thing that I consider most as a blogger is how to choose a profitable niche. Get me right – your ability to choose a profitable niche is vital if you are set to make money blogging in 2019.

In blogging career, it’s fine to create a blog without a focus a particular topic if your intentions are not to make money with your blog. However, to monetize your blog to enable you make money blogging in 2019, you need to choose a blog niche that make money.

Don’t waste time publishing blog posts that are unlikely to generate much traffic and revenue. Choose a profitable blog niche to start with and create all your content based on this niche.

It’s been proven that blogs with niche relating to the following topics are likely to generate traffic and assist you make money blogging. Though the list is not exhaustive…


  • Health related blog
  • Travel blog
  • Fashion blog
  • E-learning blog
  • Tech blog
  • Food
  • Game blog, etc


Oh, if you are starting up a new blog that you desire to monetize and make money, these tools will assist you if you are struggling with keywords for your blog niche topic.



What do I need for a blog?

To successfully create a blog and make it visible online, you must complete the following task as follows:

  • Get a Domain Name for your website or blog
  • Web Host your website or blog


How do I get a Domain Name?

A domain name is a name or address used by people in locating your website or blog just like is a domain name for my blog. Internet users can access my blog by entering that URL in their browser’s Web Address Bar.

You can register and own a Domain Name by visiting any Domain Name registrar’s website and choosing a domain name. If that name is already registered by another user, you have to choose another one. For my Domain Name, I used

After registering a Domain Name you have to change its DNS settings according to your Web Host Server’s DNS setting, after DNS setting will take effect you will be able to work on your blog.


How do I self-host my blog?

To make money blogging in 2019, you must host your blog to make it visible to users online. Hosting stores your website’s data so that people could visit your platform and see the content of your blog or website. Web hosting companies are engaged for blog visibility on the Internet.

There are many popular and reliable Web Hosting companies which you can engage their services. However, I recommend NameCheap as my blog is hosted by them and they are most reliable company for website hosting services.

Other notable Web Hosting companies include Bluehost, GoDaddy, Ipage, HostGator, JustHost, etc.

For many hosting providers, there are usually 3 plans you can pick from and the same is applicable with NameCheap. The summary of the NameCheap plans are as follows with Stellar Pus as the most popular:


  • Stellar – a 3-website plan with 20GB of SSD-accelerated disk space and 50 FTP and email accounts each.
  • Stellar Pus– an unlimited website plan with unlimited SSD-accelerated disk space.
  • Stellar Business– the best regular web hosting plan available, offering 50GB pure SSD disk space and unlimited websites.


It is the sole responsibility of the blogger to carefully review the features of the three plans prior to making a decision on which hosting plan to purchase.

Namecheap hosting plan

You have to buy a Hosting account with a good package from (Recommended) and check out its Name servers and redirect your domain name to those Name-servers from Domain name Provider’s CPanel.

It takes almost 24-48 hours for DNS settings to take effect and you will be able to install any CMS (we are going to explain this later) and start working on your blog.


How do I set-up my blog?

Are you are set to start off a blogging career? That’s great. The next task that you need to do is to create and set-up your blog.

Interestingly, there are so many blogging software or platform that you can utilize to create your blog. Your quest to make money blogging in Nigeria 2019 can be easily achieved if you set-up your blog correctly.

However, before you start worrying about how to make money blogging in 2019, you’ll need to choose the appropriate blogging software or platform.

Here are today’s major blogging platforms. These are all available for your consideration as you start your blog.



However, if you are set to be successful in your career as a blogger and make money blogging in 2019, you must create and self-host your blog. You must desist from using free blogging platforms.

Among these blogging platforms, WordPress had been established as the most popular and best blog publishing platform.

With over 80 million active users utilizing WordPress today, it’s evidence that the blogging platform is taking the lead among the numerous platforms in the industry.

Even my own blogs and sites are built with the WordPress self-hosted blogging platform. It provided me with the quickest and easiest tools for my blogging career and starting my blogging site.

Popular blogging platforms

WordPress comes in two variants – – the free hosted commercial version of WordPress backed by Automattic and – the open-source software version that supports self-hosted blogs.

Wordpress blogging platform

Why do I choose the self-hosted WordPress over the free publishing platform? Here’s why:


  • It gives bloggers greater control and flexibility over their blog in addition to the ability to easily monetize their blog.

You can choose your themes among huge collections of themes, create your own custom theme, modify the

codes, create and manage your content, install plugins and monetize your blog.

  • It can easily be customized to suit whatever purpose you desire as you commence your blogging career.
  • Compared to other content publishing platforms or management software, WordPress is supported by a huge online community.
  • You have control over your domain name and extra security to protect your blog from unauthorized access.


Interestingly, other blogging platforms are good but for me, WordPress stands out because of the platform customization options and flexibility.

To completely setup your WordPress blog from most hosting platform especially NameCheap as my blog is hosted by them, you must follow the instructions as stipulated.

I recommend the usage of Softaculous automatic app installer to install WordPress in a one-click installation inside the NameCheap cPanel.

To utilize Softaculous, login to your hosts cPanel account and locate the Softaculous WordPress installer icon in the Auto Installers section NameCheap account.

Click on the appropriate icon to launch an auto-installer for WordPress. Therefore, follow these instructions to install WordPress using Softaculous:

Wordpress Installation

Complete the WordPress installation by: (a) Login into the cPanel account; (b) Choosing the Softaculous Apps Installer; (c) Clicking the WordPress Icon; (d) Switching to install tab to proceed.

Then follow the on-screen instruction to complete setup and install the WordPress software. As soon as the installation is complete, log into your WordPress Dashboard to start working on your website towards your goal of making money blogging in 2019.


How do I write and publish great content?

The next thing to do after setting up your blog is to write and publish original content in your niche. If you really want to make money blogging with an excellent blogging career, you must develop the skill of writing and publishing content that people are searching for. Let your blog content be problem solving with quality article in your niche.

Avoid the act of copying and duplicating articles or contents from other blogging sites as Google deploys sophisticated search algorithms that would identify duplicated content.

When you write and build great content, it becomes easier to draw traffic and to make money with your blog. Therefore as a blogger, our duty is to write and publish compelling, informative, and entertaining content.


How do I get traffic to my blog?

Do you desire a successful career as a blogger and to earn a decent income with your blog 2019? If your answer is still yes, then you need quality traffic to your blog. Trust me, money will definitely come if many people are interested in the content of your blog.

Interestingly, the more targeted traffic you get at your blog, the more money you earn blogging.

So, are you ready to learn how to drive quality and targeted traffic to your blog? Here are some actionable ways to drive traffic to your blog:


  • Promote blog through social media

Social media is one of the major sources of traffic for blogs and websites. With social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedInGoogle+ and Pinterest, you can drive quality traffic to your blog.

Interestingly, with social media button plugins, it becomes easy to share the content of your blogs which in turn drives tons of traffic to your blog. Most of the social media plugins for WordPress include:

Therefore, if spend quality time on social media and share great content, social media sites can become some of your top traffic sources.


  • Deploy Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your blog

SEO techniques when deployed on a blog are great ways to drive huge and quality traffic to your blog. It is an art of writing blog posts in a manner such that they rank higher in search engines.

They are several resources that would assist a blogger write a blog post that ranks in search engine or develop blogs that are search engine optimized. Some of the resources include:


  • Installing free Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin that will assist you as a blogger to publish search engine optimized content.
  • Write Guest Post or Article on other websites or blogs.
  • Getting a quality link from another website to your blog.
  • Link your blog posts with each other. It is a great SEO practice to rank your blog.


  • Email Traffic Generation

There is money in the list – so they say. You may seem not to understand, but I assure you that when you build an email list and deploy email marketing technique, it a huge traffic source.

Create a specialized list and nurture your subscribers so that they always open and act on your emails. Definitely, if you implement this technique properly, it’ll be your #1 source of quality traffic.


  • Leverage paid traffic

Paying for traffic on website platforms into traffic sales can be a great option to market your blog. These paid Ads could be from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, etc.


Monetize your Blog by adding Income Streams

You can monetize your blog and start making money in 2019 if you carefully implement the following income money making streams.

Always have in mind that it may take time before you start making money from your blog. However, don’t be too fast to quit. It requires a lot of commitment and dedication to work.

I assure you that when you implement the income streams as contained herein, you are set to quit your paid job and earn a decent income from your blog.


  • Affiliate Marketing

It is a type of performance-based marketing where business owners reward affiliates through the payment of commission for each customer brought to the company through the affiliate’s independent advertising endeavors.

Interestingly, you don’t need to own a product to participate in affiliate marketing. All you need is a link on your blog to product or service using your unique affiliate link.

You earn a commission when a customer through click on your affiliate link on your blog makes a purchase of the product.

The most popular affiliate program which you can start today is the Amazon Affiliate Marketing or associate. Others include NameCheap Affiliate.


  • Selling Digital Products

The sale of digital products is gradually becoming a major source of additional income opportunities for bloggers to make money from their blogs.

Interestingly, digital products are amazing because there is no need for inventory and can be delivered easily.

There’s no overhead and low risk. The types of digital products bloggers do create for sale on their blogs are:


  1. Ebooks publishing – self publishing ebooks and selling them on your blogs.
  2. Selling E-courses – Bloggers can teach and sell products.
  3. Photos – Bloggers who are in photography can sell photos.
  4. Creating Membership Websites – problem solving site for users.
  5. Sell Apps, Plugins, and Theme – Bloggers can create and sell Apps, Plugins, and Theme.


I assure you that when implemented properly, that digital products are certainly an additional income strategy for most successful bloggers to earn money blogging in 2019.


·         Create extra income opportunity with CPC or CPM Ads

Monetizing blogs by placing ads is one of the most profitable ways to earn extra income blogging.

It is the most popular additional income making streams for bloggers to earn money online blogging.

This income money making opportunity comes in two strategies:


  1. Cost per Click (CPC) Ads (collectively known as pay per click ads) which is a form of ads placed on your website where the blogger is paid when blog visitors click on the ad.
  2. Cost per Mile (CPM) Ads are ads that pay bloggers a fixed amount of money based on how many blog visitors viewed the ad placed on their blog.


The most popular ad network which you can start today and make money blogging is Google Adsense.

It is very easy to setup by creating an advertising account with Google, then copying advertising code into your blog for Google to display ads relevant to the content of your blog.

However, you need quality traffic to earn a decent income in this type of money making strategy blogging.

There are several similar advertising networks available if Adsense is not working for you, such as Chitika, Infolinks, Adthrive, and


  • Displaying Private Ads

If your blog generates enough traffic, advertisers may approach you directly and request that you place their ad on your site. You can also contact advertisers yourself.

The major difference from the previously mentioned advertising option is that there is no middle man, which means you have the choice to set your own ad rates.

With this strategy, you can earn extra money blogging in 2019.


  • Selling Physical Products

Through your blog, you can sell physical products such as Books, Handmade Products, Manufactured Products, and Self-Designed Clothes.


  • Sponsored Post

It is an income money making opportunity where bloggers publish a blog post created by someone for a fee thereby earning money blogging. The post may be for a product review or include links back to their business website.


  • Freelancing and writing for other blogs and websites

To be successful as a freelancer and a writer which is a prerequisite to making money blogging, you need a blog where you can display your services and portfolio.

Your blog can be a platform where clients can review your work and contact you. With your blog, you can offer your services and earn additional income blogging.

If you want quality and unique SEO articles for your blog, click here.


  • Coaching and Consulting

Starting a blog in a niche can make you an expert in that subject domain. Interestingly, selling online courses and writing multiple ebooks in a niche can extend your skills to becoming a coach or consultant in the same niche.

Therefore, when you coach or consult through your blog platform, it becomes an additional income stream.

In addition, the blogger can also offer group coaching services in a particular subject domain.

So, what plans do you have after reading this article?

What are your challenges as a blogger?

What are the major hindrances stopping you from making money blogging in 2019?

If you enjoyed this article on how to make money blogging in 2019, please feel free to leave us any comments or questions below.

I’ll be glad to respond to your queries.

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