Top Ten Ways To Make Quick Money Online in Nigeria 2020: Completely at Home

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Do you desire to change your lifestyle in 2020? Are you a student in Nigeria tired of the consistent ASSU strike and desire to seek an alternative way to make quick money online in 2020? What will you be doing at home with the outbreak of COVID 19? If you are reading this article at the moment, it is written for you.

Working online in Nigeria today may be a quick solution to the numerous problems facing the most populated country in Africa as regarding unemployment and the recent sit-at-home because of COVID 19.


With the economy in the country moving in and out of recession, there are thousands of people being laid off work, leaving them with no means of livelihood and maybe without a back up for the future.


Interestingly, there are many ways to make quick money online as you step into 2020 and are more worth your time than some conventional methods of making money.


Some of these ways of making quick money online in Nigeria involve absolutely free techniques and tools, without investing any money at all and resources online while some other ways involve monetary investment.


It requires a great deal of effort, consistency, no laxity and sticking to what-ever works for you, plus, you should strive to be up to date with the current trends.


What do you need to make quick money online 2020?

All you need to work online and get paid are very simple to acquire and implement which are as follows:


  • Skillset (Job Skills, Communication Skills, etc)
  • Internet Connection
  • Computer System (Desktop, Laptop, Notebook, Ipad, Smartphones, etc)
  • Payment Instrument (PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, 2Checkout, etc)


Become a Freelance

Freelancing is becoming the top means of making quick money online in Nigeria as many youths both employed (as part-time) and unemployed (as full-time) work online to earn a living.


It is the most ideal method of earning money online where most Nigerian students can key into these micro-jobs platforms as alternative sources of income at home as Nigerian universities are on ASUU strike and the recent outbreak of COVID 19 virus.


All you need is a set of skillset while leveraging on latest internet technologies to work remotely from any location seamlessly.


Freelancing has evolved over the years into big businesses where people are utilizing their skills and helping other people to do their jobs in cheap price.


So, if you are eager to make quick money today online, freelancing websites is the best place to start off your journey and make huge money online.


Doing micro-jobs has become one of the easiest ways to make money online with your skills and you can enjoy your life by sitting at home.


Among all these micro-job websites, Fiverr is the best as I make lots of money from this website and it is easy to accept Nigerians on the platform.


Other Freelancing website platforms are as follows:,,,,,,,,,,,,, Amazon Mechanical Turk, etc



The second way to make quick money online in Nigeria in 2020 is by setting up your own blog or website. With the massive deployment of Content Management System such as WordPress, it is one of the easiest and most profiting methods to implement. However, making quick money with blogs and websites needs you to be good at making available quality content and stuff that will interest people to read. How much you will be making depends greatly on the traffic and popularity of your blog or website.


With enough traffic to your blog or website, you can proceed to monetize your platform and making quick money online.


You can monetize your blog and make quick money online through the following online money making strategies.


  • Google Adsense
  • Online Advertisement
  • Selling Digital Products
  • Sponsored posts, etc


These money making strategies will definitely assist you make quick money online in 2020.


Trade Forex

The main focus of forex trading is to trade one currency for another in the expectation that the price will change in your favour.


Specifically, it is expected that the currency you bought will increase in value compared to the one you sold making it possible to earn quickly online.


Currencies on trading platforms are always quoted in pairs, such as GBP/USD or USD/JPY. The reason they are quoted in pairs is that, in every foreign trading transaction, you are concurrently buying one currency and selling another.


Forex trading platforms or brokers include the following: FXTM, FOREX, InterTrader, SAXO, IG, FxPro, etc


However, ensure that you do your homework well as the forex market is very volatile more than other financial markets.


Affiliate Marketing

It is the easiest among all the quick money making strategies online today and is available for all categories of workers online – even if you are without any skill set.


All in all, affiliate marketing is all about generating smart passive income by recommending (selling) other people’s products and services.


In affiliate marketing, business owners are ready to pay you acceptable commissions for your marketing efforts in getting their products or services sold to potential customers. It’s a performance-based marketing strategy as an increasing sales of products will also increase your earning online.


Most notable companies into affiliate marketing in Nigeria include Konga affiliate, Jumia affiliate and Amazon (worldwide affiliate program).


Interestingly, you don’t need to own a product to participate in affiliate marketing. All you need is a link on your blog to product or service using your unique affiliate link.


You make quick money as commission when a customer through click on your affiliate link on your blog makes a purchase of the product.


Selling eBooks

In today’s dynamic world where everyone seems to be always online, eBooks in pdf formats are trending and Netpreneurs deploy various platforms to sell these eBooks to make quick income online.


That is the reason it made my list of top online jobs in Nigeria for university students.


Interestingly you can sell eBooks as an affiliate (now you see affiliate marketing is important), and also you can present your own top-secret information in an eBook, sell and keep all the profit to yourself.


Trust me, you have a great body of knowledge that you can spin into a book and sell to others.


Do Online Consultation

Trust me; you can completely share your professional knowledge online for worthwhile compensations. You don’t need to underestimate your potentials when it comes to offering your expert knowledge to people and businesses online.


With the right tools and right guidance, you get yourself right up the alley of people and businesses looking to make consultations pertaining to your field.


You can begin by signing up for consultation sites such as Such sites allow you to set up appealing profiles that people soliciting expert advice can easily turn to.


Create an Online Store

Online store is a fairly an easy yet profitable method of making quick money online. It is an ideal money making strategy that could be harnessed by college students in Nigeria.


Prior to building your online store, you need to decide on what products to sell and how to source it.


The first thing to do is finding a niche for your online store, for example, fitness, technology, summer dresses, pet products, and baby products which are very popular and trending right now.


You may conduct research on Amazon on products that sell. The next thing to do is to set-up your online store.


Finally, set up a payment processor on your online store, mostly third-party processors such as PayPal, Payoneer, Stripe or check for a list of supported payment processors for your country.


E-commerce sites that can completely allow you to create an online store are:,,,, etc.



Kindle Publishing and Amazon Making Money Venture

Amazon is the biggest E-commerce platform in the world with an eBook reader and Amazon Kindle Device produced to enable customers pay, read and download author’s eBooks. The authors upload and set prices for their eBooks.


To utilize this platform to sell your own eBook and to make quick money, you must join the Amazon platform as long as you can write.


It is completely free to join and you can follow the following steps to create your account:


  • Visit the link and sign up for an account
  • Write your eBook in acceptable kindle format
  • Create an attractive e-cover or cover page that relates to what your eBook is about
  • Upload a copy of eBook to your account
  • Publish it to Amazon marketplace by configuring some settings including your royalty agreement.
  • Now you can sit back and let your published work do the selling for you


Interestingly, you can always track reports of sales in your account and when you reach the minimum payment limit, you will be paid.


You can receive your payment through payoneer debit card and withdraw your earnings from any bank ATM anywhere in Nigeria.


Website Development – huge online job opportunity for Nigerian students

Nigerian students can leverage on the ever increasing internet presence to create huge online job opportunities in web development provided they acquire the skills.


Web developers must have internet programming skills, knowledge of graphics, HTML coding, etc. As a web developer for customers, you’ll be in-charge of the web design layout, files backup, web content upload, and editing, etc.


With increasing internet penetration in Nigeria, most business owners are concerned with technologies that will migrate their business online thereby making web development the focus among the ten ways to make quick money in Nigeria 2020.


The good news is that if you are a student without any programming skills and desire to pursue a career in this area, you can access and acquire web development skillset through free courseware on the following website platforms:,,,, for MIT Open Courseware, or, etc.


When you acquire the skills, you are set to earn quick money online by developing websites for individuals and organizations in Nigeria.


Data Analysis Job

Data analysis is one of the trending online jobs in Nigeria that any university student can try out.


So if you are very good at creating a questionnaire, designing a survey, implementing data analysis using Excel, SPSS or other data science packages and forecasting tools, then you can make quick money through data analysis.


You can offer the data analysis service on any of the micro-job websites on the internet as a freelancer and you get paid.


You can also help other students in your school that requires interpretation of data during their project research work and get paid.


If desire to work offline, you can set up a business around that online business and target undergraduates and postgraduate students in various institutions around you.



That’s all. This article is written to assist both employed and unemployed youths in Nigeria on ways to make quick money online in 2020.


Students in colleges can key into any of this online money making strategies to earn quick money as the entire higher institution in Nigeria had been plunged into another season of ASUU strike.


Your destiny is your hand. Get up today, stop procrastinating and take a bold step by using any of method as contained in this article.


In case you don’t have the skill set to participate in any of these quick money making strategies, visit the following websites to learn new skills for free:,,,,,, specifically for data analysis, or


Did you find this blog post helpful? Which of these online money making strategies do you intend to try out?


The list of ways to make quick money in Nigeria 2020 as contained in my article may not be exhaustive, you can contribute and share your own views concerning other online jobs Nigerians can do but are not included in the list.


Please share your experience in the comment section, and most importantly, Like and Share this post.

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