Leverage on these List of Money Making Apps in Nigeria to Earn Money Online

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There is a huge proliferation of Smartphones with Android OS in the Nigerian market today. As the country teledensity is surging higher, so also the usage of Android-based Smartphone devices.

Interestingly, students, youths (employed or unemployed) including the old deploy android phones in their day-to-day activities.

Unfortunately, many Smartphone users in Nigeria utilize their phones for entertainment and communication purposes only.

However, the big question is do mobile phone users know that they are some android phone-based apps that can assist the make money online daily?

If you are using an Android Smartphone and had ever pondered on how you can make money from apps installed on your phone, this article is for you.

Android apps for making money are applications that can be downloaded on your phone with abilities to earn you rewards, paid work or make money online from it.

The truth is that this phone you are holding in your hand right now can be your daily source of income if utilized appropriately.

Undoubtedly, there are several money making apps on app store which can be downloaded by android users in Nigeria.

Therefore, I’m set to reveal to you some money making apps with good reviews that you can use in making money daily online.

How Do You Make Money Online from Android Apps?
There are several strategies Nigerians can deploy online to make money quickly with dedication and consistency.

These strategies include the following: completing a survey with an app, selling digital products on apps, watching videos, secret shopping, sharing photos, monetizing content, testing apps, and more.

List of Money Making Apps for Making Money Online on Android Phones
The list below is money making apps that can assist Nigerians make money online from their android phones and the nature of tasks necessary to complete to earn them income daily.

1. Canva App – Make Money Online through Royalties
Canva is a great but completely free graphic-design tool website that freelancers can deploy for their graphics work.

It incorporates an easy to use drag-and-drop user interface and gives users access to several million photographs, graphics, and fonts.

It is used by non-designers as well as professionals. The tools can be used for both web and print media design and graphics.

How can you earn money with Canva App?
With Canva App, you can contribute your high-quality images and illustrations by joining their online community and earn royalties immediately on every purchase.

The royalty you earn is for a lifetime each time a customer purchases your artwork. It is a simple way of making money online that is available to Nigerians.

2. YouTube – Make Money Online by Monetizing Content
Do you watch contents using YouTube Apps? If your answer is yes, perhaps you don’t know that with a YouTube App you can make lots of money online.

YouTube is a passive income flow if you are dedicated and committed to working with compelling content in a good niche.

With the right content, consistency, and ability to follow through, you are set to command tons of millions of subscribers.

It demands a lot of creativity and commitment to generate passive income and earn a living off of YouTube.

How can you earn money with YouTube App?
When you’ve created several videos, and spent time building decent subscribers to your YouTube channel, then you set to enroll for the YouTube Partner Program.

All you are required to do is to enable your channel for monetization (e.g Google Adsense), and you’ll receive your share of the income from advertising on YouTube. Just as the YouTube stars do, you’ll get paid for every thousand views on your videos.

You can as well work yourself into becoming a YouTube star by developing and nurturing your YouTube channel and make money online per view of your content.

3. Google Opinion Reward – Make Money Online through Survey
It is an app completely owned by Google where android users can respond to surveys posted by Google and receive up to $1 in Play credits, but the credits vary, depending on the survey.

It is expected that you download the app from the store into your android device, create an account with your details and then wait to receive your first survey to complete.

The survey to be completed pops up once every week covering different topics in all fields of human endeavour.

How can you earn money with Google Opinion App?
Google rewards participants for every survey completed and you may receive up to $1 in Play Credit.

4. FOAP App – Make Money Online by Selling of Photos
It is among the most popular app that Nigerian can use to make huge money online through the sales of your photos.

Take your photo, upload to the app platform and then monetize your photo by selling them to big brands in the photo industry such as Nivea, Pepsi, Volva Group, Absolut Vodka and more.
With the app platform, participant’s content can be distributed through bigger platforms such as Getty Images. With an outstanding profile, buyers worldwide can easily view what you have to offer.

The app is completely free to use with limitless storage and you get 50% commission on your sales. There is also a $50 for every mission completed on the app platform.

How can you earn money online with FOAP App?
You get 50% commission on your sales including a $50 reward for any mission that you could complete on the app platform.

5. Inbox Dollars App – Make Money from Opinion Survey
This popular opinion reward app works as Google Opinion Rewards and has paid over $37m to its members.

Inbox Dollars app platform rewards users for taking part in their market research such as emailed surveys, browsing the web and playing games and you get paid once you’ve made about $30
How can you earn money online with Inbox Dollars App?
Inbox Dollars rewards participants for every survey completed and you get paid once you’ve made about $30.

6. Swagbucks App – Make Money Online by Completing a Task using the App
It is an app platform for earning real rewards for things you do online or on your phone. You can easily earn points (called SB) working from any location by shopping from your favorite stores, searching the web, completing surveys, discovering great deals, watching videos and playing games.

This app platform has paid over $250 million in rewards to its members and is also a great option for getting quality search results while gaining rewards points.

How can you earn money online with Swagbucks App?
Swagbucks App rewards participants for every activity performed on their platform and the equivalent of it is paid into your PayPal account.

You also redeem you SB points as gift cards from your favorite stores like Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

7. Micro-jobs App – Make Money Online working as a Freelancer
Micro jobs could be described as an online job usually associated with a very small but paid task to be completed. This model of online work is carried by completing microtasks.

Interestingly, doing micro jobs on the Internet is a modernized way to work as a freelancer. You can complete these micro-tasks from the comfort of your home. It can actually make you a decent income online.

There are so many micro job websites where I utilize their apps to make a decent income working online of which my favorite is the Fiverr App.

All you need to do is to sign up with their app, create your gigs in line with your skills and when visitors to the app platform engage you for your services, you get paid when you complete and deliver the microtask.

You can complete a whole lot of micro-tasks online such as data entry, editing and proofreading, copy writing, video editing, graphics design, voice over, etc.

How can you earn money online with Micro Job Apps?
Freelancers on micro-job app platforms are paid through most of the payment processors online on completion and delivery of the microtask. Most of the payment processors used by freelancers include PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, etc.

8. Naira Reward App – Make Money Online by Watching Videos
It is an amazing app that can be downloaded from Google App Store that permit users to make money online by watching videos.

Points or coins are earned by users when they watch a video or through their referral program on the app platform. You can use your accumulated points to recharge your phone or transfer to your local Bank Account.

How can you earn money online with Naira Reward App?
Naira Reward App rewards participants for every video watched and the equivalent of the points earned can be transferred into your account. You can also exchange your coin with airtime.

9. Daily Naira App – Make Money Online Watching Videos
This app let Nigerians make money quickly through watching of videos. You earn Cash coins for all videos you watch on the App. Users are eligible to cash out up to N8,000 from your Earnings.

Users of the app can also make money from their referral program where you earn a cash coin for referring program.

How can you earn money online with Daily Reward App?
Daily Reward App rewards participants for every video watched and the equivalent of it is paid into your account.

10. Surveys on the Go – Make Money Online through Survey
It is an app platform that allows you complete surveys for money and pays out in cash. Evidently, there are few surveys available during any given month to complete. However, it’s good for those who just want to earn a few extra cash online

How can you earn money online with Surveys on the Go App?
The App rewards participants for every survey completed by paying out in cash.

11. Userfeel – Make Money Online testing Websites
It is an online-based money-making app that allows user to sign up to participate in usability tests by exploring new websites and giving meaningful feedback or assessment.

This app platform pays you for simply testing of websites and giving meaningful insight into usability through meaningful feedback.

How can you earn money online with Userfeel App?
The App rewards participants for every website user testing completed with meaningful feedback.

12. Money App – Make Money Online Watching Videos
Installing the money-making app on your phone gives you access to completing small tasks such as Watching Videos, Completing Surveys, Playing Free Games, and other great offers.

How can you earn money online with Money App?
You get rewarded with cash for completing any of the great offers at the app platform.

13. CashPirate App – Make Money Online by Playing Games
It is money-making app that permits users to participate in surveys, test applications, play games and invite people to join. It is an application that turns earned points into cash equivalent.

How can you earn money online with CashPriate App?
Your earned points on the money-making app platform are converted to cash equivalent which is transferred to your PayPal or can be used to purchase something on Play Store.

14. Earn Money App – Most Profitable App to Make Money Online
This app seems to be the most profitable application that can earn you cash online. There are several options available on the app platform that can earn you money including free offers, registering to paid websites, downloading free apps and answering surveys.

There are a lot of offers updated daily meaning there are various ways for you to earn cash online.

How can you earn money online with Earn Money App?
Participants are rewarded with instant payment through the PayPal payment processor or you can purchase an item on Google Play Store.

15. Make Money App – Make Money App
Make Money App offers users a great opportunity to earn a living by installing other Apps and playing great action Games but not limited to taking Surveys.

How can you earn money online with Earn Money App?
You will earn points that you can then convert to either Cash in PayPal, Amazon Gift Card, and Google Play within 48 Hours.

This is the of the best make money online app for Nigerians who want to deploy their android smartphones for making money.

Do you still want to procrastinate? Create an account with any of the money-making app and start earning cash online.

If you feel that there are money making apps in Nigeria that is not included in this list, kindly use the comment section to share your view.


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