Quick Guide on How to Setup a WordPress Blog Using Your Phone, iPad, Laptop or Desktop Computer

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Are you a newbie blogger who desire to learn how to setup a WordPress blog? This article is written for you. Having your blog with your personal experience with the help of words and pictures has become a new trend nowadays. Everybody wants exposure and popularity, and your blog can be an ideal option for that.

So, your desire to make blogging a career will not be a problem as different computing platforms and devices are increasingly being used nowadays for blogging.

It is not at all difficult to make your blog using your phone, iPad, laptop, or desktop computer. You can make your blog in one day.

The only one thing you need to run a blog for years is consistency and enthusiasm for the topic you want to write about.

Everybody who is new in blogging needs a person who can guide him in the right direction. Now let’s start with a straightforward and short guide on how to setup a WordPress blog for all the newbie bloggers.

6 Steps on How to Setup a WordPress Blog

I have created these five necessary steps to walk you through the procedure of setting up a WordPress Blog.

  • Choose a Blogging Device with Internet Connection
  • Choose a Free Blogging Platform
  • Register a domain and purchase online hosting
  • Add theme on your blog and design it the way you want it to be
  • Add content and pages
  • Grow your blog

[1] Choose a Blogging Device with Internet Connection

Choosing a blogging device with internet connection is the first step in setting up a blogging platform.

Interestingly, blogging as a career can be done across multiple devices provided that there is an internet connection.

Most widely known computing devices can be deployed for blogging activities. The option of a device to use is entirely the choice of the blogger and it’s an important step on how to setup a WordPress blog.

Blogging Device with different internet connection medium (wifi, modem, etc) deployed for blogging activities includes:

  • Smart Phone
  • Tablet
  • Ipad
  • Palmtop
  • Laptop
  • Desktop

Irrespective of the device chosen, follow the remaining steps as outlined in this blog post to completely setup a WordPress blog.


[2] Choose a Free Blogging Platform

The next step on how to setup a WordPress blog is choosing a blogging platform. There are multiple options available for you to pick one from.

You can use blogger, Tumblr, WordPress or any other but what I would suggest is to go with WordPress because there are almost 72 million active users of WordPress across the globe, which makes this platform the boss of blogging.

WordPress contains hundreds of themes, plugins, and layouts in its library which are free and it’s effortless to set up.

Another thing which makes it the best choice among all is its safety. WordPress regularly updates its software, and so there are few chances of getting your blog hacked.

Top university, industries, and marketers have made their blogs on WP. It’s easy to use and the availability of 100s of options makes it trustworthy and secure.

WordPress also provides its users self-hosting which means you can enjoy a complete hold on your content and settings you have done on your blog.

  • Are you struggling with topics to blog on?

This is a very big problem for Newbie Bloggers. Today, there are many online tools that can assist bloggers on profitable blogging topics for a fruitful blogging career.

I use these wonderful tools for my blogging activities and I assure you that they are excellent tools you need in your portfolio. These blogging tools include:

[1] Google Trend

[2] BuzzSumo

[3] Alltop

[4] UberSuggest

[5] HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

[6] Quora

[7] Copyblogger

[8] Answer The Public, etc


[3] Register a domain and purchase online hosting

Purchasing a domain can be the most exciting part of blogging. You choose a name according to your choice as the address of your blog where people can find your articles, pictures or whatever you want to share or talk on. It’s a vital stage on how to setup a WordPress blog.

There are several providers of domains in the market, and it usually cost 10-12$/year, but you can also get a domain cheaper than this.

NameCheap, in my opinion, is the best platform to buy a domain name at the most cost-effective price. You can go to www.namecheap.com, and you can pick a domain name of your choice but try to get your domain in .com, .org or .net.

After purchasing a domain the next step is to buy a hosting plan. A host is the home of your blog where all the content remains safe, and you stay connected to the world.

With hosting your blog, you will be unable to find your domain. You can use the Stellar plan from NameCheap in the beginning as it is good for new bloggers and easy to understand.

After finalizing the domain name and hosting plan, you need to complete your contact and billing information to get your blog registered and connected.

After getting registered, you can log in to your NameCheap Control Panel and complete the WP installation procedure.

You will get a confirmation email containing your login information after the completion of WP installation. You can click on the admin URL and can enter into a world that is yours only.


[4] Add theme on your blog and design it the way you want it to be

Now, after the installation, you are ready to customize your blog according to your preferences. You can log in to your blog by entering www.solutionbloggers.com/wp-admin/ and entering the password.

You can figure out the design of your blog by using design templates named as “WordPress themes”. WordPress offers more than 2000 free, fully-customizable and professionally designed themes which means you have loads of options.

You can click on “Appearance” in the sidebar and then choose “themes” to see the designs for your blog. If you don’t like your installed theme then you can comfortably pick a new from the available options you can click on “Add new” and install any theme of your choice.

Using the “Feature Filter” tab you can get brand new, featured, and favorite themes. Choose a theme, install it, and click on activate.


[5] Add Content and Pages

By now, you are all set to work on your blog. Think of a topic you want to write on and want people to know about it.

You can share your ideas, views, and thoughts on anything. If you like cooking you can add recipes; if you love traveling you can use it as a travel diary. The most important thing in blogging is that the design of your blog must be fit for your topic.

You can start writing a by opening your dashboard and clicking on posts and then click on add new. You can use headings and also add media in the form of images, PNG files, and videos.

After writing content and adding media, you need one last thing to do, i.e. add a featured image about the post and preview the post before publishing it.

If you see everything is right, you can publish the post. You can add links by using the “insert link” option.


[6] Grow You Blog and earn money

Many people don’t consider it, but I would suggest you create an about us page and contact us page before creating any other page because this is the only way by which people can know you and contact you.

Secondly, after publishing the content, you can share the link on your twitter page, FB page, Instagram, and LinkedIn to drive traffic to your blog and let people know you and read the information you shared.

After building noticeable traffic, you can put Google Adsense on your blog and can quickly start earning with advertisements.

Perhaps you are searching for a copywriter for your SEO content, click here.


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