Top 15 Websites to get Quality Attribution Free Stock Photos for Commercial Use

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Are you a blogger in Nigeria who desire to earn money online through your blog but struggling with attribution-free images to be used in your blog posts? Do you know that images can increase readership of your blog and attract organic traffic to your blog? If you are reading this blog post at the moment, then the article is for you.

Most Nigeria Bloggers today are faced with the challenges of images to use in their blogs. I was as well having this challenge until I discovered this free images attribution websites.

Therefore, I’m set to reveal to you free image attribution websites where you can download quality images of choice for your blog content.

These no attribution quality images are free from copyright restrictions and categorized under the Creative Commons Zero (CCO) license.

This means you can copy, modify, and use any photo you find, even for commercial purposes, without having to ask permission or provide attribution.

Next is to migrate to known simple-to-use design program such as Canva to edit photos, create your own graphics and download templates to modify these photos to suit your project.


  1. Pixabay

Pixabay is a great website platform to find thousands of high quality, high-resolution, royalty free stock photos all for free.

free stock photo website

They are the leading free stock photo website in 2018 with a huge collection of great photos to choose from, modify and to use for commercial purposes with no attribution required. It is my favorite among the free stock photos website with a lot of free resources.


  1. Pexels

Pexels is a no-attribution website that provides designers, bloggers and everyone who is looking for an image a platform to locate great pexels licensed photos that they can use everywhere for free.

The platform contains hundreds of free stock photos, all nicely tagged, searchable and easy to discover with new high-quality photos added to our collections daily.


  1. Unsplash

Unsplash is an attribution-free image website tailored for the purpose of sharing stock photos under the Unsplash license. Unsplash is massive, and it’s (currently) one of the best places to get quality photos and images for your blog or commercial purposes.

free stock photos website

With the permissive copyright terms on the photos, Unsplash is becoming one of the largest suppliers of quality photos on the internet.

One good thing about this free image website is that you’ll receive three times per month 10 royalty-free images for commercial and personal use, plus free images from a collection of photographers worldwide.


  1. Skitterphoto

Skitterphoto is an awesome free image website that offers commercial-use photos of high resolution and quality.

free stock photo website

All photos and images on Skitterphoto are public domain which means that all photos are free to be used for any purpose.

It is advisable that you go through the website’s terms and conditions document before using their pictures for personal or commercial purposes.


  1. Gratisography

Gratisography is a stunning attribution-free image website with a huge collection of photos that can be used for your personal projects or commercial purposes.

The website is described as the world’s quirkiest collection of free high-resolution pictures, comprising of industry best images free to be used for both personal and commercial purposes.


  1. StockSnap

StockSnap is a no attribution website with a large selection of decent free stock photos and high-resolution images for that your personal project or commercial purpose. The site designers incorporate a great search tool making it easy to navigate through several thousands of images available on the platform.

The site, in addition, contains metrics for tracking downloads and views so you can identify the most popular photo available.

StockSnap is free image platform that adds hundreds of images on a daily basis and all photos are released under creative commons public domain which simply means that no attribution required.


  1. Freeimages

Freeimages is one of the greatest directories for bloggers who desire quality attribution-free images for their blogging projects. The free stock photo sites offer several thousands of pictures from a different selection of categories and not focused on any particular image niche.

The design of the website platform offers a searchable tool that makes it easy for people working on a specific project to locate images and pictures needed for their project.


  1. Flickr

Though Flickr is one of the world’s largest free photo sharing websites but not all their photos have Creative Commons rights. Therefore is expedient that you search for commercial images that are free to use for your project.

It is advisable to use Flickr’s provided embed code to ensure proper attribution before using any image from the site.

For designers, agencies, and other late-night pixel pushers, it is the final destination for high-resolution photos for your various projects.


  1. Death To Stock Photo

It is a wonderful free images platform that gives webmasters access to their pool of quality attribution-free images for commercial use upon creating an account with the image website.

Death to Stock Photo will send you 20-free monthly photos for commercial use, blog posts, social accounts, and mock-ups after creating an account with the free image website.

It is advisable that you go through the website’s terms and conditions of usage prior to your downloading and usage of photos from the site.


  1. Picjumbo

Picjumbo is a fantastic attribution-free image website created by Viktor Hanacek that offers stock photographs, absolutely free of charge, for use in commercial and personal projects.

It is a wonderful destination for designers who desire quality, free images that they can use on our websites, social media, and print publications.


  1. Burst

Burst is one of the best Shopify resources that among other things provide high-quality free stock images to users of the platform for commercial purposes. Most of the photos are protected under Creative Commons CC0 while others fall under Shopify’s own photo license.

Burst was designed to help webmasters produce better products design, blog posts, and marketing campaigns.

Most of the pictures in our collections are original photos that were taken in-house and are themed around trending business niches


  1. Wikimedia

Wikimedia is a huge media file library hosted by Wiki with public domain and copyright-free images of choice which you can use for your blog posts or social media campaigns. Interestingly, it is advisable that you check each author’s specific image terms before use.


  1. Reshot

Reshot is a great attribution-free image website that offers users photos free and ready to be used commercially for any creative purpose under the reshot license.

With their huge collections of photos in their database, it is the final destination for freelancers who earnestly desire images for their projects.


  1. Freestock

Freestock offers a wide range of high-quality photos all created and published for your personal or commercial projects.

This attribution-free image website features high-resolution and commercial images all available for your projects.


  1. Picography

Picography is a powerful image platform that offers users working on projects gorgeous, high-resolution, free photos which can be modified to suit their project of choice.

All stock photos on our web platform are unique and not found on any other stock photo website. You can use them for personal or commercial projects without the need to credit the source of the photos.



Ensure that you review the licensing terms of each image you use as it may change over time to avoid unnecessary litigation.

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